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“Back-to-back good performances can keep you in the team for a long time” – R. P. Singh to the bench players

R. P. Singh, the former Indian bowler believes that the upcoming ODI series will be a huge opportunity for India’s bench players. Men in blue are all set to confront with West Indies in the upcoming ODI and T20 series. Three ODIs and 5 T20s are scheduled from 22nd July to 7th August 2022.

The Indian selection committee listed a squad devoid of several senior players in the ODI series. The team will be led by Shikhar Dhawan in absence of the skipper Rohit Sharma. While Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rishabh Pant are excluded, many side-lined players get a chance to be part of the team.

R. P. Singh considers it a great opportunity for the bench players to show off their skill to be part of the team in more games. “These small series, where either the seniors are rested or injured, are very important for players One big performance or back-to-back good performances can keep you in the team for a long time.”

“Back-to-back good performances can keep you in the team for a long time” – R. P. Singh to the bench players
The Young Indian line-up | Fantasy Cricket League

Also, India is capable of sending players to various tournaments at a time with many talents available. Team India is looking forward to finding more players in replacement of other players for future matches.  

“This is a big opportunity for other players because India is heading towards a big tournament now, and they will test their bench strength. They will be aiming to have one replacement for each player, and this is why so many players are being tried out.”

While the young guns have played several matches in recent and showcased their strength, some are still waiting to get an opportunity to play on a consistent basis. They still need chances to prove themselves to be qualified for the T20 World Cup. A couple of good performances in the recent matches may give players a chance to feature in the squad for many more tournaments.

“Back-to-back good performances can keep you in the team for a long time” – R. P. Singh to the bench players
Team India after winning the Ireland T20 series | Fantasy Cricket League

“This is a good thing, because getting the Indian cap is a matter of pride”, he added.

Former Indian bowler Pragyan Ojha agreed on the same that the management is in search of players who are consistent. “This is a huge opportunity for the players and they have the time to build themselves as well. You can use this series to build and who knows, you many find a spot in the World Cup squad as well.”

India is touring Zimbabwe for the next ODI series following the West Indies series. The 3-match series will begin on August 18 and team India will send a similar squad for Zimbabwe also.  

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