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BCCI doubled the monthly pensions of former Indian cricketers and Umpires

On Monday 13.06.2022, The Board of Control of Cricket in India ( BCCI) announced a hike in monthly pensions of Former Indian Cricketers (both men and Women) and former umpires!

As per the new decision made by BCCI, the First-Class players who were entitled to get Rs 15,000 will now get Rs 30,000, The former Test Players,  will receive Rs 60,000 instead of 37,500, and those who were paid Rs 50,000 will now get Rs 70,000.

The Women Internationals who receive Rs 30,000 will now receive Rs 52,500.

The First-Class cricketers who retired before 2003 and received Rs 22,500 will now get Rs 45,000 instead.

At the time of declaration, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that “It is very essential that the financial wellbeing of our former cricketers is taken care of. The Players remain the lifeline and as a Board, It is our duty to be by their side once their playing days are over”

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah tweeted “I’m pleased to announce an increase in the monthly pension of former cricketers including men & women and match officials. Around 900 personnel will avail of this benefit and close to 75%of personnel will be beneficiaries of a 100% raise”

BCCI treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal said, “The umpires have been unsung heroes and the BCCI truly values their contribution. Whatever the BCCI is today, it is because of the contribution of its former cricketers and umpires.

We are pleased to announce the increase in the monthly pensions which will be a gesture for the well-being of our former cricketers.”

BCCI doubled the monthly pensions of former cricketers and former Umpires | Cricket News | Fantasy Cricket League
Existing vs Revised Pension of Former Indian Cricketers

It’s the player’s flesh and blood that resulted in the growth of India’s greatest sports empire. so BCCI should be responsible for the well-being of the retired players by acknowledging their efforts and struggles for the sake of the team. BCCI should offer their helping hands as gratitude when in need.


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