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Beating Jamshedpur 3-1, Kerala Blasters marked their 8th win in the series

After defeating Jamshedpur 3-1, Kerala Blasters jumped to the third position of the Indian Super League points table. It was Kerala Blasters’ eighth win in the series, posting three goals against Jamshedpur. Blasters now have 25 points from 12 games by losing only three matches.

Apostolos Giannou (9th minute), Dimitrios Diamantakos (31st minute, penalty), and Adrian Luna (65th minute) scored for the Kerala Blasters on Tuesday at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Jamshedpur’s lone goal was scored by Nigerian player Daniel Chima Chukwu (17th minute).

Blasters won (1–0) against Jamshedpur in their first encounter of the season.

The first goal of Kerala Blasters

The first goal of the Blasters was scored by Dimitrios Diamentakos who assisted Giannou’s smashing move in the Jamshedpur net. Jianu’s left-foot shot from close range went past the Jamshedpur goalkeeper and then into the net. Blasters’ constant efforts to score goals until the time reached the target on the 9th minute.

The equalizing goal in the 17th minute

Blasters goalkeeper Prabhsukhan Gill tried to block the advancing Indian youngster Ishan Pandita. But after receiving the rebound, Daniel Chima blasted the ball into the Blaster’s net. While trying to save Chima’s point-blank shot, the ball hit Blasters defender Lesko’s leg and hit the net to turn the score to 1–1.

Kerala Blasters second goal

Blasters took the lead again with a penalty goal in the 31st minute. Jamshedpur player Boris Singh’s handball in the penalty area while blocking the Blasters’ progress caused trouble. After the Kerala Blasters players argued, the referee allowed a penalty for them. Dimitrios’ left-footed kick went into the left corner of the net and marked another successful goal to give a 2-1 lead.

Third Goal of Blasters by Luna

 A brilliant performance by Luna in the Jamshedpur box has seen in the 65th minute. Luna gave passes to the Kerala Blasters players and came to the Jamshedpur box. Then Apostolos Giannou makes it possible for Luna to hit the ball with a pass. Luna’s left-footed shot from the center of the box hit the left corner of the Jamshedpur net.

Only Luna scored a goal in the second half and the score turned 3–1.

A kick, a rebound, a penalty, and then the final kick to end the show.

Blasters took the lead through Apostolos Giannou but Jamshedpur equalized it through Daniel Cheema and then Dimi’s penalty goal saw Blasters take the lead again in the first half. The first half witnessed constant Blasters attacks.

Jamshedpur’s advances were limited to a few counters. Blasters captain Jessel Carneiro’s attempt to get the ball into the Jamshedpur box in the very first second of the match ended in a throw-in.

The extra time of the first half was two minutes. In the last minute of the first half, fouling Blasters player K.P. Rahul, Jamshedpur players got into a scuffle and the referee intervened to calm the scene.

Jamshedpur FC made the first change when Adrian Luna conceded the third goal. Muhammad Uvais was replaced by Laldinpuia and Boris Singh was replaced by Ritwik Das. Immediately after, Kerala Blasters came with a double substitution. Sahal and Jianu went out and were replaced by Nihal Sudheesh and Victor Mongil. In the second half, Blasters’ substitute youngster Nihal Sudheesh’s lightning moves put Jamshedpur under more pressure.

In the 77th minute, Nishu Kumar’s pass missed a good shot by Kerala Blasters player Rahul. A left foot shot from the center of the box rose up and went wide. Aiming to speed up the game, Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovic dropped Rahul and replaced him with Bryce Miranda, known for his lightning moves. As the match reached the last minute, Blasters’ strategy was to hold the ball and play. After five minutes of overtime, Blasters won the game marking another golden win of the season.

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