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The top 5 players in IPL history with the most ducks | FPL

March 24, 2023

Most Ducks in IPL: Getting out for a duck is the most daunting nightmare for any batter. A lot of prominent players have faced this embarrassing moment at least once in their Cricket career. But some players, unfortunately, had…

What contributed to the IPL's fame and why? | FPL

March 23, 2023

Indian Premier League is a T20 Cricket league started by BCCI in 2008.  India welcomed this sports league with open hearts. Now IPL has emerged as one of the best T20 tournaments attracting the best talents in the Cricket…

The IPL and its Impact on the Growth of Sports in India | FPL

March 22, 2023

From gully cricket to grand ICC leagues, cricket rules in India, and when it comes to cricketing passion, nothing quite matches the energy and excitement of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This powerhouse of a league has transformed Indian…

Most Dangerous Bowlers in IPL History | FPL

March 21, 2023

Most Dangerous Bowlers: A skilled bowler has the potential to change the trajectory of the whole game. In a T20 match, a bowler who can minimize the runs scored will be the most valuable player. This is what makes…

Top 5 catches in Indian Premier League history | FPL

March 18, 2023

A good catch can entirely change the trajectory of the game. These are the top 5 catches in Indian Premier League history that entirely changed the trajectory of the games. A good fielder is a highly valuable asset for…

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