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A Fairy Tale End – David Warner

David Warner, the renowned Australian big hitter was not just a player but he was one of the best players to have played in the Indian Premier League. The relation between Warner and Hyderabad starts from the inception of the latter into the IPL in 2012. His bond with the team was like Dhoni Chennai or Kohli Bangalore or even Rohit’s illustrious relationship with Mumbai. Hyderabad was like his second family and we had witnessed it on many different occasions. He was the captain, guide, mentor & role model for all the youngsters in the team. That kept the team lively during these seasons.

David Warner’s IPL career was very prolific, as he is the second foreigner after A B Devillers to have this many runs, victories & strike rate in the last 8 seasons consecutively for a single team.

His blood and sweat shade the framework of the Hyderabad fandom.

Now, what happened to their Guardian Angel?

Things were going smooth till last season, but it all changed reversely as Warner couldn’t replicate his old form. He was a mere shadow of whom he once was. He could only score a total of 159 runs from 8 matches. This caused the management to first change his captaincy. Then he was thrown out of the team. It was a huge nightmare to all his fans who were rooting for him. He wasn’t given a chance again to prove what he is. We must acknowledge the factor that the Sunrisers management did this to a man who has redefined an entire generation of fans at Hyderabad.

David Warner Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers and Warner were a bond that started very well even their competitors felt unbreakable, and it had a better mid-phase but things all got to a disastrous end.

All that starts good may not end well.

As we all know, “form is temporary but class is permanent”. The management decision had left a sour taste to all. After all the effort he had done he deserved a better fair well. We all know Warner will be in the next year’s IPL but wearing a different jersey. No one could ignore his prowess as a batsman and a captain. A man of this much honor, Let’s hope he could make the SRH management wrong by putting an outstanding performance.

We the FCL family wishes him all the best in his future endeavors. David Warner, man you will be remembered forever in the Hyderabadi fan’s memories.

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