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Gone Too Soon –  Andrew Symonds

The world woke up to heartbreaking news yesterday as Australian cricket legend Andrew Symonds died as a result of a car crash that happened 50kms away from Townsville. The accident happened around 10.30 PM Saturday and it was a single-person car accident as per the local police statement.

Andrew Symonds was an integral part of the Australian team in their successful WorldCup campaigns and will remain one of the most decorated players to have ever stepped foot in the game. He was a cult figure in all of cricket, having headlining news for his amazing skills on and off the pitch and also the controversies. Symonds’s journey was filled with controversies as he was always interested in tossing his opponents mentally. The incidents that happened with Sachin Tendulkar & Harbhajan Singh will always remain in cricket history forever. That infamous Monkey Gate saga that happened in 2008 was a sight to remember for fans.  Symonds had also been involved in disciplinary actions in Cricket Australia, having been left out from the team on multiple occasions. Alcohol was the major villain in his life and was the major reason for his cricket contract withdrawal. Further allegations were made against him including racial taunts. However, he fought back and continued his style of play until retirement.

With clean ball-striking ability, spin bowling prowess & ridiculously amazing fielding techniques made him a force to be reckoned with. He was the best example of a perfect all-rounder.  He retired from all formats of cricket in 2012 to focus more on his family life. He was seen on commentary boxes, and cricket expert panels for a long time.

Australian cricket has suffered two great back-to-back losses with the likes of Shane Warne & Andrew Symonds. Two golden feathers of Australia’s golden crown have now faded. May God rest their souls in peace. The whole cricket world will miss the golden memories which you had created and they will be passed down to the generations to come.

Rest in Peace Andrew Symonds & Shane Warne.

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