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Highest Score Ever in IPL Match History

Highest Score Ever in IPL: IPL has always been an event for celebration. The fast-phased game is designed to keep us on our toes every time. It is one of the most entertaining T20 leagues to watch. Every year IPL attracts many talented players into the league.

IPL is characterised by a high number of runs. The total runs scored always remain high.  The fast-phased game never fails to keep us entertained. Most of the matches in the IPL have a high score for the chase. IPL involves the most skilled batters so it is expected that the scores will be quite high.

The top teams with the highest scores in IPL history are Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. These teams have been maintaining the record for the highest scores multiple times.

Teams that has the record of highest score ever in IPL match history

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore 

Royal Challengers Bangalore remains top on this list.  The team has always tried to score the maximum number of runs in every season. With highly skilled international players like Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli, the team always stood up front in batting.

Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 263 runs against Pune Warriors India at Chinnaswamy Stadium. Chris Gayle hit 175 runs all alone, which is still one of the highest individual scores in IPL. AB de Villiers scored 31 runs off 8 balls. The team ended up with 263 runs. RCB became the team with the highest overall runs in the IPL history.

The second-highest score in IPL history also belongs to Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite not winning any titles, the team has always strived to perform the best every single time. In the match against Gujarat Lions, RCB scored a total of 248 runs. In this match, Chris Gayle was out early on. Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers took the scores ahead after that point. The partnership resulted in a score of 229 runs. Virat Kohli hit 109 runs off 55 balls and de Villiers scored 129 runs off 55 balls. This emerged as the second-highest run in IPL history.

  • Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super King is one of the most well-established teams in IPL history.  The team has lifted the IPL title three times and has been runners-up many times as well. The team always manages to select the best-skilled players.

In 2010 the team scored 246 runs against Rajasthan Royals at MA Chidambaram Stadium. This score set the record for third highest runs in IPL history. Murali Vijay was the most performing batter in the whole match. He took 127 runs in that match. This score still remains the third-highest score in IPL history.

 CSK was also able to achieve the fifth-highest score as well.  They scored 240 runs in the match against Punjab Kings. With many destructive batters like Michael Hussey and Suresh Raina, scoring runs was not a difficult feat. Michael Hussey took 116 runs off 54 balls. Suresh Raina and Badrinath took the scores ahead.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders is also an established team. In the match against Punjab Kings, they managed to take 245 runs. The team was led by Sunil Narine and Punjab did try to put up a fight but they could only score 214 runs. This remains the fourth-highest run in IPL.

So these are the teams that scored the highest runs in the IPL history. Keep these in mind while preparing a fantasy team of your own. What are you waiting for? Make your fantasy team for the upcoming IPL matches.

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