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IND vs NZ T20 2: India beats New Zealand by 6 wickets to make it a 1-1

India won the 2nd T20 with New Zealand with 6 wickets. NZ had a great start in the series, in the first match NZ beats IND by 21 runs. With a 1-0 lead, NZ had a lot of confidence in the beginning but IND managed to beat that confidence in the 2nd match itself. The match was set on Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow. Problems that caused the fall of India in the first match were rectified in the second match. In the first match there was a reduced performance from the side of first-order batsmen and a certain bowler even made the mistake of throwing no-ball multiple times. These mistakes were understood by the players and they managed to correct them in the best possible way.

New Zealand opted to bat first and Indian bowlers managed to restrict NZ to the score of 99 runs. New Zealand lost multiple wickets on its way and ended with 99 runs for 8 wickets. Arshdeep Singh made a stellar performance, he managed to take two wickets for India in just 2 overs. India scored 101 runs with 19.5 overs and only took 4 wickets to reach that score. 

Even though the score to chase was low still NZ gave IND a challenge to reach there. It wasn’t a boring match to watch as we might judge from the score that it would be a boring match. It took 119 balls for India to reach that score and that sure is the competence of NZ. This match also proves the potential of Hardik Pandya and Surya Kumar Yadav. Surya Kumar Yadav scored 26 runs off 31 balls and these runs were crucial for India. New Zealand’s score was pretty much an easy target for the opponent but the bowlers didn’t make them such an easy task to achieve that. There was a good performance from the side of New Zealand’s bowlers, their only hope to win the game was to take out the maximum number of wickets.

India only needed 100 runs to win the game but NZ made sure that they don’t get there that easily. India was in a tough position this time as this match is a do-or-die. If IND lost this match, then it was a game over. Since IND won this match, the next match is going to be the most interesting. Let’s see what the next match holds. With both equally competent teams, the next match will be the series decider. With India winning the ODI format, New Zealand will try to seal the T20 series.

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