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Introducing the “Impact Player” Rule in IPL 2023

The 16th edition of the IPL is around the corner with the introduction of an ‘Impact Player’ in the game to make the matches more thrilling for the worldwide audience. The fans will get to see new rules in the new season with over 10 franchises fighting for the title. The new rule of the introduction of the Impact Player is announced in December last year ahead of the mini-auction.

Also, the captains can walk out for the toss with two different teams and decide whichever team they want to choose after the toss. This will help the teams pick their best XI considering the toss, pitch condition, etc.

Currently, the captains should list down the playing XI and exchange it before the toss. This is now changed to exchanging the team list after the toss. This enables the teams to choose the squad depending on whether they bat or bowl. Hence the team can include an appropriate impact player in the match.

This is for the second time in a T20 franchise league that a team is allowed to opt their playing XI after the toss. It was first introduced in the inaugural edition of the SA20 this year where teams are allowed to put 13 names on the squad before announcing the final XI after the toss. 

What is an Impact player Rule?

The captain can nominate 11 players plus 4 substitute players in the IPL match after the toss. So, the teams along with the starting XI can have another player in the game picked from the substitute list in any part of the game.

This is for the first time in an IPL where teams will get a chance to opt for an impact player in the game. An impact player means a substitute player who can come into the team to both bat and bowl in between the game. It is as same as in the sports like Football or Basketball.

Also, when it comes to the introduction of a foreign player as an impact player, the same rule of 4 foreign players allowed to take part in a game should follow. If a player is having 4 foreign players already in the playing XI, then they can only choose an Indian impact player. If the team is having 3 or fewer foreign players present in the playing XI, they can bring in a foreign impact player. How many foreign players a team can have in a single game stays constant since the IPL begins.

The teams can either call in the impact player at the beginning of the innings, at the end of an over, a fall of a wicket, or when a batter is going out. Even though the impact player is brought in after the fall of a wicket or when a batter is going out, they are not allowed to compete in the over that is already underway. Hence, they should wait to bowl till the next over.

Along with that, a replaced player cannot step onto the field once the impact player starts joining the playing XI, not even as a substitute fielder.

If an impact player is called in for batting after a batter is dismissed, one player will not get a chance to bat (probably a bowler).

Also, a new umpire signal is also given to introduce the impact player. The umpire will clench their fists, and cross their hands above their heads when an impact player is entering the field.

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) had already tried introducing impact players in a game in the domestic tournaments before this IPL season. Also, the teams are allowed in the match to review wide and no-ball calls made by the umpire under the DRS method.

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