March 25, 2023


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Who will play the finals against Chennai? Delhi or Kolkata

We are very close to witnessing the finals of this year’s IPL season and we all know that Chennai had already secured their position in the finals thanks to their THALAA. 

Now the question is who will be fighting alongside them for the top prized possession. Today’s qualifier will see Delhi and Kolkata in an all-out battle for securing the second contender spot in the finals. Delhi had lost to Chennai in the first playoff after playing an incredible match and Kolkata had beaten Bangalore.

chennai in the ipl final

On paper both are strong and recent performances also show we can expect a sparring match. Kolkata is coming with back-to-back wins maintaining a 100% winning streak at the venue this year. They had already beat the DC’s here at Sharjah in the group stages and are looking to double up. Whereas the momentum in the Delhi dressing room is not so high due to their back-to-back defeats in the last 2 games.

Kolkata players are on top form, Pant and his boys are in for a real fight, we can expect a great match in Sharjah.

You can see the fantasy predictions of this sparring encounter here

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