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IPL 2023: Top 5 All-Rounders in IPL History

All-rounders are always the most valuable asset in an IPL match, with their multi-faceted skill set they can often become the highest valuable player. A batter can score more runs for the team and a bowler can restrict runs and take wickets, but an allrounder can do both with ease. In a T20 match like IPL, the fast-phased game can lead to losing wickets fast and that’s when an allrounder with great batting skills becomes relevant. You can see that in the IPL 2023 auction, the players with the highest monetary value are all-rounders. One of the IPL 2023 highest paid players Sam Curran is also a brilliant all-rounder.

Here are the top 5 All-Rounders in IPL History

  • Ravindra Jadeja

The name that pops up in our head when we think of the best Indian all-rounder is definitely Ravindra Jadeja. With his incredible performance on the field and on the pitch, he has really won our hearts. He is the most valuable player for Chennai Super Kings, and he is the saviour in the crease when the team has lost 4 wickets. He plays in one of the strongest team in IPL 2023.

  • Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is the best in batting, fielding, and bowling. It is quite difficult to even say which domain he is the most successful in. He has been doing everything right, from taking the best catches to finishing the match when the team is suffering with the scores. He is also a phenomenal bowler as well, his bowling has taken a lot of wickets. He has played for multiple teams in IPL, yet he spent most of his career playing for Mumbai Indians. The question of how many times MI has won IPL often comes into our minds and the answer is 5. This man has a huge part to play behind these victories. He has been a saviour for the team ever since the beginning.

  • Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo is another fantabulous all-rounder in IPL, he has been playing for CSK for a long time. What makes him a distinct all-rounder is his performance in both bowling and fielding at the same time. In his time of need, he has also been a great batsman as well. His bowling style is distinct and also he has managed to score over 1500 runs in his IPL career. He will not be playing IPL this season as he has officially declared his retirement from IPL.

  • Sam Curran

Sam current is the most expensive player in IPL 2023.  He is a brilliant batsman and a bowler. His recent performance has got him a lot of attention. His economy rate and his potential to score quick runs are what make him the most valuable asset in the IPL.

  • Shane Watson

Shane Watson is one of the most known names in the entire IPL history. He has been successful in establishing himself as one of the best all-rounders of all time. He scored 3874 runs and took 92 wickets in his IPL history.  

IPL 2023 is on its way to start and most of these players are ready to mark new records in their IPL careers. Ravindra Jadeja returned to the crease after an injury break, and he started marking stunning performances. The same will continue in the IPL also. IPL Season is probably the best time to start playing Fantasy Sports. These games enable you to create a virtual fantasy team and manage them. We all love to create our dream fantasy team. This IPL Season, start your Fantasy Gaming Journey. Gather the best players known to you and win rewards.

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