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The IPL and its Impact on the Growth of Sports in India

From gully cricket to grand ICC leagues, cricket rules in India, and when it comes to cricketing passion, nothing quite matches the energy and excitement of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This powerhouse of a league has transformed Indian sports, giving birth to a new era of sporting prowess and economic growth.

With millions of die-hard fans and superstar players from around the globe, the IPL has become a game-changer in every sense of the word. It’s not just about cricket, it’s about nation-building, employment generation, and a journey toward a sporting India.

The game of cricket has a very old history in India. In India, cricket was introduced by the Britishers and the first-ever cricket match was played in 1864 between Calcutta and Madras. As time passes by, the game became the most popular sport in India. The major events behind these are the 1983 World Cup raised by Kapil Dev and the 2007 & 2011 World Cups raised by MS Dhoni and his team. Also, players like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, M.S. Dhoni, and Virat Kohli evolved cricket as a sport not in India, but all over the world.

IPL was really the beginning of the journey toward a sports nation. Starting in 2008, IPL has become a catalyst for the boom of the T20 leagues across the world. Live entertainment to the audience with players across the globe, different franchises came into existence with a huge fan base.

IPL’s contribution to the Indian economy was huge and it goes beyond ticket sales to employment generation to many. IPL Records show that IPL contributed ₹11.5 billion to India’s Gross Domestic Product in 2015. Along with economic growth, it helped the development and growth of cricket and other sports participation in the country.

Emerging Sports Leagues after IPL

  • Badminton League

The Badminton League was launched in 2013 and it was named as same as IPL, Indian Badminton League. But before starting the second season, it renamed as Pro Badminton League, competing 7 teams in total.

  • Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League was launched in 2014 with 8 teams. The first season went very well and hence the league grew to a total of 12 teams. The league exactly followed the IPL model. Even though the first season had doubts, around 435 million people watched it making it successful.

  • Indian Super League

Indian Super League was launched in 2013 and it became a successful league with several top Indian and foreign players being part of the competition. With over 10 teams, the league goes forward successfully.

  • Hockey Indian League

The Hockey Indian League was founded in 2013 with a total of 6 teams. It was also successful alongside several other leagues in India. Hockey in India was in a financial crisis earlier and the league helped it get back on its foot and make the game popular among all Indians.

With the rise of all these sports leagues, people in India started enjoying and participating in various sports events. A sports person has got an identity here, admired and followed by many. Young talents who were interested in sports fearlessly started playing their choices of games. It is quite clear that IPL played a major part in all these events.

It’s time to get ready to witness the magic of the IPL now with the 16th edition of IPL, where boundaries are shattered, records are broken, and dreams come true. Whether you’re a cricket fanatic or a casual observer, you won’t be able to resist the electric energy and excitement of the IPL. The growth of fantasy sports also helps people take part directly in the IPL game building teams by themselves and managing teams to win rewards. Be part of this IPL season with fantasy sports.

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