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M S Dhoni – The Reason Behind “7”

The 15th season of the Indian Premier League starts on March 26th.  In the inaugural match, defending champions Chennai Super Kings will take on former champions Kolkata Knight Riders.  CSK, who are coming off the championship this time around, is actively hoping to retain the cup.  CSK has brought together most of the top players from last season.

MS Dhoni is CSK’s diamond weapon this time too.  Dhoni is a brand with huge fan support all over the world.  Like Dhoni, Dhoni’s jersey with number 7 has huge fan support.  Dhoni’s number 7 brand is the same as Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 brand. , Dhoni plays for both India and CSK with the number Seven Jersey.

Now, MS Dhoni has revealed why he is wearing the number seven jersey.  He revealed that there are no big secrets behind it and there is only a simple reason.  ‘Most people believe that I use number seven because I’m lucky.  But I have only a simple reason to use the number seven.  I was born on July 7th.  That is, the seventh day of the seventh month.  That is the reason for choosing number seven, ”Dhoni said in an interview with India Cements.

M S Dhoni - The Reason Behind “7” | Fantasy Cricket League

“Seven is the number closest to seven hearts,” Dhoni said.  ‘I have heard a lot of people say that seven is a neutral number.  It may not bring you luck and it will bring you misfortune.  That too was one of the reasons I was drawn to Seven.  I’m not a fan of numbers. Rather than getting to all the different things as to what a number is a good number and all, I thought I will use my date of birth as the number. Then whenever people kept asking me, I kept adding to the answer. 81 was the year, 8-1 is again 7.  Number seven, which has been with me for a long time, stays close to my heart. People actually kept telling me, I started absorbing it and I started telling it to others in the same way,” Dhoni added.

This is likely to be Dhoni’s last IPL season.  It will be difficult for Dhoni, who retired from international cricket in 2020, to continue playing.  Dhoni could be seen in the CSK mentor role next season.  But it is difficult to continue as a player.  Though Dhoni has openly stated that he wants to retire from playing in Chennai, that will not happen as the tournament is being held in Mumbai and Pune this time.

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