March 25, 2023


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Manchester United to the IPL’s??

Manchester United to the IPL’s

The news which had been surfacing online through the internet from yesterday, one of the most iconic and decorated franchises in English Premier League football is interested in owning an IPL team.
As we all know starting from next season there will be 2 more teams in the grandest t20 tournaments in the world.

Glazer family owns the Manchester franchise, the most popular club in the whole world. Reports surfacing clearly show their interest in buying a franchise. They had reportedly picked the tender invitation from BCCI. It’s rejoicing to see that global giants are tracking the developments in the Indian cricket scenario.

BCCI’s invitation tender has a clause for both individual owners & franchise consortiums. For an individual to bid for a tender he must have an average turnover of 2500 crores and for a group, the amount is 3000 crores.

Other top guns involved in the tender are Adani Group, Jindal Group, RP- Goenka Group, Hindustan Times media, etc. As the final date for submission is on October 25th BCCI had not yet revealed anything.

Apart from legendary club Manchester United Glazer family owns an NFL club Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let’s hope for the best and wait to see what folds into the future.
Acquisition from the Manchester franchise will bring more eyes to the IPL brand, which is already one of the grandest cricket tournaments all over the world. Our journalists are fully ready for you to give the live updates & latest news 24*7.
We will give an update as soon as we get a confirmation

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