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New Rules: Penalties for unfair movements in IPL 2023

The 16th IPL Season is all set to begin on 31st March 2023. There have been some new rules being introduced to the IPL in recent years. These rules were previously used in the T20 matches and are expected to make the match less unfair. But it is still debatable if these rules will really affect the fun factor in the game.

These rules were used in the 2022 IPL Season as well. The impact of those rules did not affect the game that much but still, this is new to the world of Cricket. The rules imposed are going to make the match more equitable. There are certain instances in the game where one team can get an unfair advantage over the other player due to some unforeseen situations.

The new rules introduced are:

Previously the team list was given before the toss but now the team list has to be exchanged after the toss. The captains only require to reveal the playing 11 after the toss. The team would originally have 15 players with them and the captain has the opportunity to choose the appropriate players as per the result of the toss. The captain can also decide the impact of players during the match. These rules give the captain more flexibility to strategize and choose the right set of players. 

The captain can now come up with two team lists. If the captain is choosing to bowl first then they could use the team list with an emphasis on bowlers and if the captain opts to bat first then they could select the team list with batters as the core strength. The team that wins the toss sometimes would have an unfair advantage over the other team and this rule is a great initiative the make the game fair.  

There have been certain rules introduced in the fielding as well. After a particular time, there will be a restriction on the number of fielders outside the 30-yard circle. This is being introduced as a penalty for not completing the over in the allocated time.

An unfair change in the fielder’s position will cost the team a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.  The fielders are required to maintain their position while playing and they cannot move in a way that is extremely different from their previous position. For instance, if the player outside the 30-yard circle comes into that circle then that will be considered a dead ball and will be charged with 5 runs as a penalty.

Unfair movements of Wicket Keepers will also be charged with a penalty of 5 runs. Wicket Keepers cannot change their position when the bowler is taking action. Previously the keeper had some freedom to change the position but right now the rule is rigid.

Previously there were no reviews for wides and no balls. It used to be restricted to out or not out but as per the new rules, reviews can be used for no balls and wides as well.

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