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The top 5 players in IPL history with the most ducks

Most Ducks in IPL: Getting out for a duck is the most daunting nightmare for any batter. A lot of prominent players have faced this embarrassing moment at least once in their Cricket career. But some players, unfortunately, had to experience this multiple times. The fact to be noted is that this does not speak a lot about their skills, all these players are highly skilled as well. It is just sheer bad luck that causes this.

Here are the top 5 players in IPL history with the most ducks

Rohit Sharma’s strands in the top of this list. He is a highly skilled player leading the Indian team and Mumbai Indians team right now but he is also a player with the most number of ducks. He had 14 ducks in 222 innings. Rohit Sharma is a phenomenal player with an excellent track record. He has the potential to score quick runs and this got him the name of a hitman. He has scored 5881 runs in his total of 222 innings and he has also led the team to victories many times. This proves the fact that getting more ducks is not a mark of the player’s competence. Rohit Sharma is clear proof of this fact.

Mandeep Singh stands with Rohit Sharma in terms of the number of ducks. He also has 14 ducks out of 95 matches. Indian cricketer Mandeep Singh plays for Kolkata Knight Riders in this IPL season.

The second position is shared by 6 players, they have a record of 13 ducks. The players in the second position are Dinesh Karthik, Piyush Chawla, Ambati Rayudu, Ajinkya Rahane, Parthiv Patel, and Harbhajan Singh.

As you can see on this list that this is a phenomenon mostly common among opening batters. Rohit Sharma has consistently played as an opening batter for Mumbai Indians. Openers are highly prone to ducks, so batters feel a lot of relief when they score some runs. In the initial phase, the batter will be attempting to test the pitch and analyse the bowler’s strength. In this phase, the batter is highly prone to get stumped. The agenda of a batter in the starting phase will be to stand strong in the crease for some time.

After these six players, there are another set of five players who have 12 ducks in total. They are Rashid Khan, Glenn Maxwell, Manish Pandey, Sunil Narine and Gautam Gambhir. As you all know that he is indeed a phenomenal player. He has led Kolkata Knight Riders to victory for many years. He once had a hattrick duck in the 2014 IPL Season. Glen Maxwell is another amusing player, he is known for his ability to score runs quickly. Here is a list of top 5 players in IPL History with most ducks

Mandeep Singh9514
Rohit Sharma22214
Harbhajan Singh9013
Parthiv Patel13713
Piyush Chawla8213
The top 5 players in IPL history with the most ducks | FPL

While making your Fantasy team, you should be careful not analysing the player with the number of ducks they have As you know that this is not a predicator of their overall performance. We should not be judging the player with these criteria.  

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