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S Sreesanth – The retirement

“The Kerala Express” – S Sreesanth has announced his retirement from all formats of cricket.

On 09.03.2021 he tweeted that although it is not a happy thing, it is the right decision to make at this stage in life.  Sreesanth, who is currently a member of the Kerala Ranji Trophy team, had returned home from training in Rajkot with an injury. He took 2 wickets in the first match of the season against Meghalaya.  The player, who has assured fans on social media that he will return to the team after recovering from injury, announced his retirement on Twitter quite unexpectedly.

The retirement of Sree has been announced quite unexpectedly when the career is starting to go back to the way it was dreamed.  He said the decision was taken after two days of deliberation.  Appearing on Twitter after announcing his retirement, Sree pointed out that Kerala cricket and Indian cricket are in the right hands.  He announced his decision to retire, making it clear that the situation was changing for the new generation.

Despite registering for the IPL mega star auction this time, no team has bid for Sreesanth.  Sreesanth’s departure at the age of 39 is a testament to his desire to return to the IPL stage, which paved the way for his return from the heights of his career.  

“‘I am putting an end to my first-class cricket career for the next generation of players.  This decision is mine alone.  It’s not that I’m happy, but it’s the most appropriate decision to make at this stage of life.  “Every moment of my career is in my mind,” Sreesanth tweeted.

Sreesanth, who has played 27 Tests, 53 ODIs, and 10 Twenty20 Internationals at the international level, has meanwhile been given a life ban for IPL betting.  He took 87 wickets in Tests.  He made his Test debut against England in March 2006 in Nagpur.  He also played the last Test of his international career against England at the Oval in August 2011.

He took 75 wickets in 53 ODIs.  He took 5 wickets at a time.  His best performance was 6 wickets for 55 runs.  He made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka on October 25, 2005, in Nagpur.  He played his last ODI against Sri Lanka in April 2011.

In his first-class career, he took 213 wickets in 74 matches.  This includes six five-wicket hauls.  His best performance was 5 wickets for 40 runs.  He took 124 wickets in 92 List A matches.  He also took two five wickets.  His best performance was 6 wickets for 55 runs.  He took 54 wickets in 65 matches in T20I.  His best performance was 29 for three with three wickets in hand

Sreesanth made his T20I debut for India in the Wanderers against South Africa in 2006. He has taken seven wickets in 10 Twenty20 matches too.  His best performance was 2 wickets for 12 runs. He last played for India in the 2008 T20I against Australia in Melbourne. He was a member of the Indian team that won the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup.

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