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New IPL Franchises Revealed

October 26, 2021

The news which everyone had been waiting for a few days had finally arrived. Two new IPL franchises have been picked for the coming IPL season by BCCI. Many rumors were circulating about the bidding, huge names were revealed…

Manchester United to the IPL’s??

October 22, 2021

The news which had been surfacing online through the internet from yesterday, one of the most iconic and decorated franchises in English Premier League football is interested in owning an IPL team.As we all know starting from next season…

Who won the IPL 2021?

October 16, 2021

In what we witnessed in an epic match; Chennai Super Kings came out victorious over Kolkata Knight Riders. An incredible inning of 86 runs (59 balls) from Faf Duplessis made way for CSK to reach 192 for 3. Kolkata…

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