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Top 5 catches in Indian Premier League history

A good catch can entirely change the trajectory of the game. These are the top 5 catches in Indian Premier League history that entirely changed the trajectory of the games. A good fielder is a highly valuable asset for the team. In a T20 match like IPL, saving runs is as important as scoring runs. The game is structured in a way that every run counts! Every single run saved can protect the team from a loss. When it comes to restricting runs, the most important thing is to take a maximum number of wickets. In a T20 match, there will be an attempt to score maximum runs quickly so the chances of taking the wicket through catch are very high. A fielder who can make good catches is indeed a valuable player for the company.

Here are the top 5 catches in Indian Premier League

Jofra Archer is an amazing fielder, his performance in IPL 2020 won him the MVP award. In the match against Mumbai Indians, He was positioned as the third man and he initially failed to figure out how the ball was about to move. But sooner he understood his mistake and stuck out his right hand to reach towards the ball. The catch was highly risky and difficult but still, he managed to pull this off.

AB de Villiers is another brilliant fielder who has taken many phenomenal catches. He has proved himself as a great batter and a wicketkeeper but his performance as a fielder remained underrated. In the match against the Sunrisers, he ran alongside the boundary and jumped sticking out his right hand to get the catch.

Ajinkya Rahane is also a stellar fielder but what makes this catch the most interesting is that this was a two-man catch. This catch was taken in a match between Rajasthan Royals and Pune Warriors. It was a team effort to win this catch. He run towards the boundary and the other player threw the ball towards Rahane and he took the catch. 

Chriss Lynn took an amazing catch in a match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. He failed to have a proper footing initially but he quickly rectified his mistake and took the catch in mid-air. What makes this catch the most difficult is that he had to shift his body posture so that he doesn’t touch the boundary line.  

Kieron Pollard is a phenomenal fielder, he is a great fielder, batter and bowler as well. He is a well-established fielder, he has taken many crucial match-winning catches for Mumbai Indians. In a match against Rajasthan Royals, he took a breathtaking catch.

Just a few distances from the boundary line, Pollard jumped and caught the ball by stretching his right hand. After that, he took a one-hand diving catch dismissing another wicket.

These can be said to be the top five catches in the Indian premier league history. These catches were extremely difficult to take and were also very much value-adding to the match. Each of these catches has decided the trajectory of the team’s performance. A great fielder is indeed a valuable asset for the team, these factor has to be considered while building your fantasy team. A good fielder will drastically improve your chance of winning so ensure that your fantasy team has some good fielders in it. 

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