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Playing with Big Players – Dream 11, MPL & UFO.

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Fantasy cricket as we all know is going through a rapid rise and a never seen before a competition. Back-to-back major tournaments like IPL & T20 World cup act as a trigger for this sudden development. Dream11 & MPL are the major priority for fantasy players, of course, they are unicorns and they have a humungous fanbase.

Dream 11 started in 2008 & MPL started its journey in 2018. They had changed the overall aspects of people in our country about what was once considered gambling and now turned that into a game of skill.  We had witnessed Dream11 sponsoring the IPL for an amount of 222 crores and MPL turned out to be the sponsors of team India’s jersey kit. They have set the stakes high and competitors are very far behind them. 

Having a concurrency rate of 50 lakhs and above they are providing the ultimate platform for fantasy cricket.

As India is a cricket nation, we could expect the fan reception to fantasy cricket. The real money factor is what drives the fans into it. 

Now the IPL season is over and the T20 WorldCup is going on through its group stages. Many other platforms like Big Cash, Gamezy, Fanfight, My11 Circle. etc. are also having huge volumes and are fighting strongly in this competition. 

With the arrival of UFO Games, the competition will reach whole another level. UFO Games platform provides games like fantasy cricket, pro cricket & fruit cut with the launch, and games like Rummy, Poker, Fantasy Football & Pool in the coming list.  

UFO Games is the brainchild of a group of friends with a vision to provide the best gaming experience to its users.

UFO Games India

From the reviews which we are getting from the gamers & players, they are strong contenders for the throne which is now acquired by Dream 11 & Mpl. They are not only focusing on fantasy sports; the main draw is games like Rummy and poker.

We, Fantasy Cricket League wishing them all the success in their tenure. We are sure that they will be a game-changer in the whole fantasy gaming industry.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be found addictive, so please play responsibly at your own risk.

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