March 25, 2023


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Wall looking to rebuild & restructure.

Wall looking to rebuild & restructure | Rahul Dravid Indian Captain | Fantasy Cricket League

Finally, Rahul Dravid has been appointed as the Head coach of Team India’s senior team. The news which fans have been waiting for so long. Earlier down the line, we had reported this news of Dravid’s appointment.

The Shastri era is about to end after this T20 World Cup.  Dravid’s arrival had a huge welcome by the fans and players. New Zealand will be the first to challenge the wall.

Dravid had successfully coached Indian juniors to World Cup victory and many young prospects had successfully evolved under his guidance. That’s what he brings to the table.

The current Indian team needs a full restructure, somewhere some time down the line our players are losing confidence. We had witnessed that in matches against Pakistan and New Zealand, the overall performances of our players were too low. This is not what fans expect from team India.

We have the resources; a plethora of talented youngsters are waiting in the line for the Indian cap. Now, who else is best to guide and polish these youngsters. This is where Dravid’s experience and finesse come in handy.

Let’s wait and witness what is in the fold for the new team India. We were the first among the few who have reported about Dravid’s signing earlier. 

Follow us for more updates and news on cricket.  As we always say,” Everything is cricket here” in Fantasy Cricket League.

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