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Why was Kings XI Punjab renamed Punjab Kings? | IPL 2023

Kings 11 Punjab recently changes its team name to “Punjab Kings”. This change in the brand name is for the purpose of connecting more to the people of Punjab and the fans. The team of Punjab has a huge fan base. They always manage to have some of the best-skilled players on their team.

The name change was executed before the 2021 IPL Season, the CEO notified us that they have been planning this change for 2 years and the reason for this delay was Covid 19. The change will be reflected in the jersey and logo as well. The symbol of the Sikh Warrior and the colour red will help to further connect with the culture of Punjab.

The CEO, Ness Wadia stated that the rebrand would give the team a feeling of a fresh start. He showed his disappointment in the team’s inability to win the title. This change will definitely change things and increase the connection between the team and the fans. Hopefully, we will see them at the top of the IPL Points Table this season. In IPL 2023 auction, they signed up many skilled players to the team.

KL Rahul reacted to this particular change. He said that the change will make the brand name feel more inclusive in the sense that initially, the team name was only signifying 11 players as the main brand name. The name Punjab Kings is more connected with the roots and culture of Punjab. He also said that the new name will bring some fortune to the team. Punjab King’s IPL 2023 team players list does give us hope to see them winning the cup. IPL 2023 highest-paid players are from Punjab Kings.

Indian Premier League has been going on since 2008 And its popularity has only increased. IPL also has a huge monetary potential as well. A survey report by KPMG states that IPL adds 11.5 billion to the Indian Economy. This T20 Cricket League is very popular in India and has the attention of people all over the world. With a huge number of competent players playing, it is obvious that the tournament would get attention from Cricket fans all over the world.

The team was jointly owned by Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta, and Karan Paul. The team has failed to win the title since its origin in 2008. The team has only managed to achieve one playoff appearance in all 15 Seasons. Despite having the best players and the best captain, the team still fails to achieve the final victory

The new branding will give the team a chance to forget all past failures and focus on future victories. Let’s keep a close look at the IPL live score and see if the team will make it to the final or not.

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