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Will Dhoni’s calm attitude on the field helps CSK to win IPL?

MS Dhoni is known for his top-tier captaincy and his ability to remain calm even in the most pressurizing moment of the match. As far as a leader is concerned, one of the most important qualities we need is to be empathetic human first. An empathetic leader would be able to better understand the other player’s situation and make a decision based on that.

MS Dhoni is not known as just a cricketer but also as an excellent leader as well. Apart from being a good captain, he is also an excellent wicketkeeper and a finisher as well. India has won a lot of matches and titles under his leadership, India even attained rank 1 in Test. He is leading CSK to many victories; he is the real reason why we see CSK at the top of the IPL points table. These records prove the potential this man holds. As per the 2023 IPL Schedule, IPL will start on 20 March this year.

Here are a few factors that make MS Dhoni stand out as a Leader

He always tries to focus on controllable, some team captains react rudely to mis fields or any poor performance from bowlers. Dhoni is clearly different, instead of reacting to that particular problem, he tries to understand what causes that performance. For instance, if a fielder misses a catch, he analyses the reasons behind them. Every player always tries to perform his best in the field, because they have gone through a lot of training and also they are playing in front of a huge audience. If a player misses a catch despite giving his 100 percent effort in practice and if the player is attentive on the field, there is nothing to be done in that case. Practice and giving the best is the only controllable.

Anger doesn’t do any help. Most often captains do get angry due to enormous pressure on them. Dhoni is good at handling this pressure and he knows the fact that anger doesn’t do any good to the situation. Many leaders get angry in such situations and generally they make the situation worse

A leader who is calm and composed is always 100 times more effective than leaders who cannot control themselves. His potential as a wicketkeeper and a batsman is also remarkable. He is extremely smart in terms of framing the perfect strategy to win the game.

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