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With top Indian star Smriti Mandhana, the RCB bought 18 players at the WPL auction

RCB has gathered the best talents for the debut IPL Season. RCB made the most expensive sign-offs this season. Smriti Mandhana was signed to play with RCB for the amount of 3.4 Crore. The team has a great brand image, which will obviously attract a lot of skilled players to the team. The team is valued at around 901 crores. The team has a lot of all-rounders and a healthy amount of batsmen and bowlers as well. RCB in IPL has been a team that showed consistent performance throughout the series. Similarly, there will be expectations from the WPL RCB team to perform well, they do have a lot of skilled players with them. The success of the team will be completely depended on the way in which they perform. This is the debut WPL season and the performance in this season is crucial as the expectations and the team’s potential will be decided with this season.

The top players auctioned to RCB in WPL are,

Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana is a sort-out player in Women’s cricket. It is not a surprising fact that she is the highest-paid WPL player. Her performance in recent matches has been phenomenal. With her experience in leadership on the national team, it is quite obvious that those experiences would be reflected in her decisions for the team as a captain. She was signed off to RCB for an amount of 3.4 Crore, the highest amount in the WPL Season. She holds many records for her performance in the game. She is the one who scored the highest partnership for the first wicket, that partnership resulted in 167 runs. She has the record for the most number of the fifties, the most runs on the losing side, and much more.

Sophie Devine

New Zealand captain Sophie Devine is also playing in RCB. She decided to play for RCB for 50 lakhs. She is a brilliant captain who has led New Zealand to many victories, her expertise as a Vice Captain for New Zealand will provide valuable insights for the team RCB. Devine is a batting all-rounder, and her performance in recent matches has been phenomenal. She holds the record for being the first player to score fifty-plus runs in five consecutive matches. 

Ellyse Perry

Australian all-rounder Ellyse Perry is known in the world of Cricket. She has proved herself to be a highly valuable player at a very young age itself. She is one of the sort-out players in Cricket. She will definitely be a highly valuable player for RCB. She received an amount of 1.70 Crore.

Richa Gosh

Indian wicketkeeper Richa Gosh is a well-known name for any Cricket fan. She has proved her talent as a wicketkeeper in her past matches. She is popular for her ability to power-hit.  She decided to play for RCB for an amount of 1.90 Crore.

Renuka Singh

Indian bowler Renuka Singh is a phenomenal bowler. She has an impressive economic rate; it is no doubt that she is also one of the well-paid Cricketers. Her performance in the commonwealth games has got her many admirers. She was auctioned for an amount of 1.50 Crore.

The list of all WPL players in RCB are:

  1.  Smriti Mandhana (Rs 3.4 Cr), 
  2. Sophie Devine (Rs 50 Lakh), 
  3. Ellyse Perry (Rs 1.7 Cr), 
  4. Renuka Singh (Rs 1.5 Cr), 
  5. Richa Ghosh (Rs 1.9 Cr), 
  6. Erin Burns (Rs 30 Lakh), 
  7. Asha Shobhana (Rs 10 lakh), 
  8. Heather Knight (Rs 40 lakh),
  9. Heather Knight (Rs 40 lakh), 
  10. Dane van Niekerk (Rs 30 lakh),
  11. Preeti Bose (Rs 30 lakh), 
  12. Poonam Khemnar (Rs 10 lakh),
  13. Komal Janjad (Rs 25 lakh), 
  14. Megan Schutt (Rs 40 lakh), 
  15. Sahana Pawar (Rs 10 lakh)
  16. Disha Kasat (Rs 10 lakh),
  17. Indrani Roy (Rs 10 lakh),
  18. Shreyanka Patil (Rs 10 lakh), 
  19. Kanika Ahuja (Rs 35 lakh),

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